Very Rev. Edward W. Fitzgerald, JCL, VF Pastor - x222
Rev. J.P. Narichetti, Parochial Vicar - x223
Manny Acosta, Deacon, 609-367-5763 (C)

Robert Davis, Deacon - 843-668-4877 (H)

Rob Starr, Deacon - 843-421-6725 (C)

Charlie Fiore, Deacon (Retired) - 650-6139 (H)

Donald Efken, Deacon (Retired) - 843-650-4606 (H)

Thereasa Crabb, Director of Religious Education - x227

Susan Starr, Director of Youth Ministry - x228

Lexy Edelen, Director of Music Ministry - x229VY


Virginia Yorzinski, Office Manager (Notary) - x226

Kay Hill, Parish Secretary - x221KH1358

Ann Brigido, Finance - x225MA1328

Mary Alice Yopp, Office Assistant - x224

Joe Murphy, Buildings & Grounds - 843-651-6610